A Unique Promotional Item That is Useful in All Crowds

This "purse" or "carryall" by Sholdit will get the buzz started. Check out the 5 Top Problems Promotional Items Can Solve to find out which problem is fixed by creating buzz.
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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Promotional Products Expert or Company

There are many companies that sell promotional products, even online stores for the DIYers.  Realizing that you need professional expertise is the first step toward choosing products that will help you put your business or event on the map, motivate your team, and build client loyalty.  But choosing that expert in a field of so many can be tricky. Read More

Get More Mileage from Your Promotional Product or Invitation

Imagine how many eyeballs will see your brand and read your marketing messages if your promotional merchandise is wrapped in your marketing collateral and sent through the mail. 
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